My Hijab, My Legacy, My Son, My Life

7 Jun

My Hijab and My Son

        In 2006, I became Muslim.  As sat inside a T.G.I.F restaurant with my husband, I began to cry about wearing hijab. I thought “I do not dress provocatively, so why is hijab necessary.” My dear husband told me that my wearing hijab was between myself and Allaah azza wa jall. He told me that he would support me and make du’a for Allaah ta ala’ to soften my heart to hijab. For the next year, I wore hijab on and off (mostly off), and people noticed my wavering. The people were not mean, smart, or any other negative attribute, but their ability to notice my struggle made me question “how long will I waver in this?”
        By the time my son was born in 2007, I was not wearing hijab. I honestly had not thought about wearing hijab or not. I was busy being a mother and spouse; among other things. As I watched my son grow from being a infant to toddler, I realized that my son noticed me. Not only because I was mommy who cared, nursed, and loved him, but because he related those THINGS to me; ummee.
       When my son turned a year old I wanted to be the example of the woman I prayed to be made. A confident-steadfast Muslim woman. I wanted my Muslim son to see the beauty in hijab and the strength it involves to submit to Allaah ta ala’ and His legislation. My son is now four years old, and is learning his deen from eating with his right hand to mimicking me when I offer Salat. When we go out and I put my jilbab on my son sits and watches me. He hands ummee her pins to secure her hijab and even suggests which Khimar I should wear. This is so beautiful to me, for when my son grows to be a strong-pious Muslim man he will see the beauty in the Muslim woman and choose her over the others, Inshaa’ Allaah.
      For me hijab is a statement of my deen. As I offer Salah 5 times a day, I ask Allaah ta ala’ for His guidance in all my affairs. This includes wearing hijab. Hijab is easy for some and difficult for others, and we should be patient with each other in this regard. Believers are reminders to each other. We should be examples to not just sisters who are not wearing hijab, but to all people we come into contact with such as our children. Our children will be the next leaders and we have to champion them to be the best Muslim as possible. Let our strength and our faith in Allah azza wa jall be help we need to achieve this in our lives and our children.
       Wearing hijab has strengthened me in more ways than one. I do not imagine myself without wearing hijab, and hope to be an example to the sisters I meet without hijab or thinking about removing hijab. Hijab is strong and beautiful and should be known just as Allaah azza wa jall wanted.  Hijab is part of my legacy, so let me shout it out via this blog “I LOVE HIJAB!”
                                                                                                             Lesa Abdullah

One Response to “My Hijab, My Legacy, My Son, My Life”

  1. onelittlepixie June 8, 2011 at 1:35 am #

    Masha’Allah, a beautiful perspective on hijab

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