Muhajabah Forever

28 Jun

Bismillah Ar-Rahman Ar-Raheem,

As-salaamu ‘Alaykum, this is a poem I wrote about hijab/niqab and the arabic term muhajabah means a woman who covers Islamic-ally. This poem is meant to clarify the purpose of covering, to protect the woman.

Veil my eyes and forbid my sight the sky, the eyes of another.

Those eyes are windows into a world unknown to me, beyond me.

Through them I see the bounds of lust, the power of fitnah.

Veil my hands and forbid my skin the wind, the caress of another.

Those hands are monikers of a release otherworldly, inexhaustible.

Through that caress, I realize the power of touch too soon, the power of zina.

Veil my legs and forbid my limbs the sun, the stare of another.

That stare is the spark that ignites the flames of temptation, irreparable.

Through that stare, I feel the shame of being on display, the power of bidhaa’ah.

Veil my mouth and forbid my smile the rain, the lips of another.

Those lips will mark the skin of a gift unwarranted to him, invaluable.

Through that kiss, I feel the lies of loves lost, the power of the haraam.

Veil my chest and forbid my heart the stars, the words of another.

Those words will mix truth with falsehood and wreak havoc, irrefutable.

Through those words, I may lose sight of what’s right, and enjoin what’s wrong, the power of bid’ah.

My veil saves for my eyes, sight of Allah swt’s beautiful creations.

My veil saves for my hands, dua’a to Allah swt.

My veil saves for my legs, prostrastion in front of Allah swt.

My veil saves for my mouth, the recitations for Allah swt.

My veil saves for my heart, the words of Allah swt.

~ Essence Jones

Read more about Essence here


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