Yaa Ukhti

28 Jun

Bismillah A-Rahman Ar-Raheem

As-salaamu ‘Alaykum,

My sisters,

Forgive me for letting this happen to us. Forgive me. I have let go of my ties to you and transgressed His limits. I have forgotten the sacredness of our union and put myself before you. I have declared, “They’re not my real sisters.” Audhubillah! I have turned my cheek and allowed you to be beaten, oppressed, denied, murdered!

I have stopped protecting you, loving you, aiding you! I have accepted that we are not of One Ummah! We are not the same! You are Bengali! You are Iranian! You are Desi! You are Nigerian! You are Yemeni! You are Salafi! You are Shia! Astaghfirullah! I have divided us! I have allowed the world to tamper with my love for you! I no longer care about your situations. If you’re happy, if you’re sad. When you cry, my face is dryer than the sun. When you are saddened, my joy is immense. No longer do I hold vigils for your martyred sons, no longer does my house mourn the loss of your unborn child.  I was deceived to believe I was bigger than you! That I did not need you! Astaghfirullah. But He is merciful and has forgiven me, and now, I ask you for your pardon. I accept you as my sister, wholly and fully. I love you as myself. When they mock you, they mock me. When they hurt you, I will cry. When they mute your voice, I will scream. When you are covered in Asia, I will be covered in the US. When you are praying in the UK, I will be praying in Australia. From now on, I will be your sister. I will be the hand you hold when you’re walking through a crowd of men. I will be the shoulder you cry one when you are hurting. I will be the ears that listen to your trials. I will be the heart that bleeds when you are suffering. I will be the rain that washes away your sorrows. I will be there for you, if you’ll have me.

Forgive me yaa ukhwaati. Forgive me.

Your Sister in Islam.

~ Essence Jones

Read more about Essence here


One Response to “Yaa Ukhti”

  1. Wendy June 28, 2011 at 2:07 pm #

    Masha’Allah sister, so very beautiful! May Allah bless you with the best in all things, Inshallah. This is how each and everyone of us should think and feel, we are truly but “ONE”. Very beautiful! Jazakallah. ❤

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