I don’t need to be freed.

30 Jun

I don’t need to be freed.

Can you hear me?


Come closer then and see,

that I really am free.


Yes you.

The one who hates my beliefs,

and asks why I put up with these

commands- is it men that I aim to please?

I don’t “put up” with anything.

And yes before you ask,

I am submissive,

submissive to my Lord.

Is that a problem?

Excuse me,

and forgive me,

for being defensive.

But isn’t it funny-

that its your judgements

I must defend myself from,

and not the religion which you think

oppresses me?

Yes that’s right-

I don’t need to be freed.

I believe what I believe.

Its not for you to worry,

for they are not your beliefs

to believe.

Your choice.

My choice.

Differences between you and I.

I’ve accepted it.

It’s fine.

Time for you to accept that-

I don’t need to be freed.

Still not clear?

You- over there.

Who thinks that I need liberating.

Liberate yourself,

for your mind is a jail.


Oh I’ve been released.

Done my time.

Now I see.

That these women don’t need liberating.

We don’t need to be freed.

You want to fight for me?

My sister in humanity,

with all due respect,

trust me-

Theres enough fight in this gut,

and brains in this head,

to outsmart you,

and you,

and him over there.

I don’t need to be freed.

Oh you’re worried about equality?

Do you really think I care,

if its MANkind-

instead of WOMANkind?


My rewards are equal to his,

And that’s really my only concern.

I don’t need to be freed.

You see,

you and I,

have different views-

different goals.

We see things through different eyes.

And although it would be nice,

for you to understand me,

and even respect me,

you don’t have to.

But theres one thing you have to hear.

And I’ll shout it from the rooftops.

Or whisper it in your ear.


I don’t need to be freed.

So don’t question me,

Or my beliefs.

Don’t ask me if I need to be freed,

but ask youself,

What makes YOU so free?


~ Zara ‘ZAS’

Read more about Zara here



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