7 Jul

(Eemaan = Faith)

My faith frees me from the shackles of society.

I bear witness that there is no true creator but HE-

and I fly like a bird.

Spiritually free.

My hijaab is not a shackle,

or a sign of oppression.

The biggest shackle is your judgment,

and disapproval.

This cloth of protection-

I wear it-

and I soar like an eagle.

Like Mr Marley said:

“Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery”-

well- I’ve EEMAANcipated myself from mental slavery.

My faith frees me.

I am bound to the laws of the Almighty,

His wisdom and Justice washes me with liberation.

Lock me in a cell.

Paralyse me-

make me a prisoner in my own body.

I can still worship HIM.

Because my mind is free.

My heart is free.

Watch me fly.

My faith frees me.

~ Zara ‘ZAS’

Read more about Zara here


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