Eid al-Fitr for the babies- how to make Eid fun for your little ones!

11 Jul

As many Muslims today say “Eid is like our Christmas”, and in a way, it is. It is one of the two celebrations that Muslims celebrate (Eid ul Fitr and Eid ul Adha). With the busyness of Ramadhan or the fact that many want to remain focussed on the blessed month and not pre-occupied with many worldly things, it can be difficult to plan a massive shindig for Eid. But it need not be a hassle. With pre planning, internet shopping and things that you can make at home, your Eid celebration planning should be a doddle.

Eid is a time for contemplation, celebration, gift giving and family and friends. It is especially important for children, especially young ones, as we should try and instil in them the importance of Eid from a young age.

Children living in the west, because of a lack of understanding of Eid and usually due to the fact that some parents don’t make a big deal out of it, don’t feel Eid the way I think it should be felt. It becomes more like a “Yeh-lets-party-‘cos-now-we-can-eat”  type of day. Children often feel uncomfortable and bored on Eid (dressed up in scratchy clothes, masjid early in the morning, visiting endless family…) and so they can easily lose sight of the fun of Eid. So when Christmas comes around and they see the huge deal it is, inevitably, to them, it holds more importance than Eid. Which is why they need to know that some people celebrate Christmas, and it is a special time for them, and we celebrate Eid, and it is a special time for us.  So, how can we make Eid fun for the little ones? How can we make it a time they will remember? Here are some simple ideas to make planning Eid easier for you, and make it a fun time for the little ones.


If your child is at a mainstream school, the school may not be celebrating Eid, although many schools do acknowledge different religious festivals and teach the children about it. Encourage your child to write Eid cards for their friends. You can purchase Eid cards in most Islamic bookshops, but also from Amazon .You can also buy sweets and send them into school for your child’s class, and maybe ask the teacher to put up an Eid information poster, you could encourage your child to make one.


You don’t need to spend hundreds of pounds on presents, but you can find some lovely children’s gifts on www.islam4kids.com. It might also be worth looking out for sales in mainstream stores for clothes and toys (Mothercare, Early Learning Centre ). You can find wonderful gifts for adults and children here http://www.sirat.com. You can even encourage your child to make their own Eid cards or even presents for family members, or let them help choose presents for others, while teaching them the importance of giving gifts in Islam, and that gifts don’t have to be big or expensive.


If the weather is nice, why not have a barbecue for Eid. Either way, a gathering of family and friends is great for everyone, not just the kids. Remember to include non-Muslim friends/family, and invite your child’s friends also. It may be a nice touch to let your child choose a theme for the party “Eid Tea Party”, for example. With regards to food, you could help them to bake for the party, cupcakes, or a main cake.


You can buy decorations- sure. But why not let the kids to make their own? There are many websites that can give you ideas. Alternatively or together with homemade decorations, you can visit a party shop and get all of your decorations in one day. Get the kids to help decorate aswell. It will be a fun build up to the party!

Party bags/party games

If there will be afew children at your party, why not plan some party games and give  party bags. You can tweak many traditional party games to suit your needs (ie- ‘pass the parcel’, a game in which the children pass a present to music, when the music stops the child who has the present opens one layer. There is usually a small gift between every layer. You can use children’s nasheeds for this game). You can buy anything to put in party bags or games. Things like these badges are really sweet. You can also get Islamic stickers and small books/toys for party pags. For any Londoners, there is a fabulous Islamic shop, Zam Zam, on Green Street, near Upton Park where you can purchase things like stickers and badges.

Not losing sight of the reason for Eid.

Amongst the party games and food, we can easily lose sight of why we are celebrating Eid. In order to feel the true essence of Eid, it might be worth finding somewhere where Eid salaat is prayed outside, or where there is an Eid fair, so that the family can be part of a wider community Eid celebration. When it comes to your celebration at home, a good idea is to encourage the child- prior to Eid, to write a short story about their favourite time in Ramadhan, to read to family and friends at the Eid party. Or you can encourage them to write and perform a play about Ramadhan. Something as small as (for older children) learning a new surah during Ramadhan and reciting it as an opening for the Eid party can be a lovely touch. Maybe they can recite ahadith about Eid and what we are to do on Eid, and why. This can gradually become a yearly tradition.

InshaAllah (God Willing), you found this short blog post useful!  I do hope that you all have a blessed Ramadhan, and an Eid full of goodness, love, joy and lots of remembrance of Allah.

Please do share any ideas you have in the comments section.


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  1. sweetchik7 August 29, 2011 at 9:13 pm #

    i need to make a card someone help me!!!!

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