Yes it is hard. But…

18 Jul


Its a short post forgive me. I am trying to be succinct 🙂

People always say to me, ‘Oh I feel sorry for you man I couldn’t do THAT.’ And I feel them, obviously not eating is not easy. And it is not meant to be easy.

Fasting doesn’t only affect your body, I think the bigger impact is mental. I don’t know about anyone else but I did N O T realise how much food meant to me until I fasted. Your attention is so focused on food daily and to remove that from your day to day activities is HUGE. And huge effort reaps huge rewards. Every year without fail my Ma comments on how I’ve changed after Ramadan. New attributes that are added in to my character after maintaining my spiritual cleanliness for a month. New habits. Good ones.
Abstinence from food makes you ponder. And the world is so full of things to ponder on. For example. Why is it that I can forfeit food and see an abundance of it around me, yet those who are deprived search for even a morsel of what I am offered? It opens your eyes to the wrongs we commit daily with food.
It’s an incredible experience. Yes it is difficult. But that’s what makes it beautiful.

~ Khalida

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