A Revert’s Ramadan

26 Jul

Asalamu Alaikum

This post is really me speaking as a revert on the problems we might face trying to get the true feeling of Ramadan. Being a revert and living in a non Muslim household can be quite hard, you do feel different to your family even if they don’t intentionally make you feel that way and it becomes even more apparent during Ramadan. You are the only person waking up for suhoor (light meal eaten before daybreak to commence that day’s fast) and to pray fajr (morning prayer), the only person fasting, the only person to cook for iftar (breaking the fast). It can be a very lonely experience which is not what Ramadan is about. I have been blessed enough to have very close Muslim friends who have welcomed me into their families which made my first Ramadan a wonderful experience MashaAllah and InshaAllah this year will be the same.

I have a few tips for reverts who may be in a position of loneliness during Ramadan.

  1. If you have Muslim friends who are offering to have you over for iftar- then go. It doesn’t make you a charity case and you can bring a contribution if you wish.
  2. If your family are open to it, encourage them to try fasting with you during Ramadan so they can experience it too. This is also a good form of dawah.
  3. Spend your evenings at the masjid praying tarawih, it will give you that imaan boost you need to go another day of fasting and will enhance your chances of making friends with other Muslims.
  4. Many brothers who are reverts go to the masjid for iftar which is free of charge and again helps you come into contact with other muslims in the same position as yourself.
  5. Get married! LOL I’m serious though. Once you are married and are living in your own Islamic household you will no longer have to worry about fasting alone, waking up for suhoor alone, praying alone, cooking iftar for one.

InshaAllah this helps or at least lets other reverts know they are not alone.


~ Munirah Williams

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One Response to “A Revert’s Ramadan”

  1. Najeeb July 31, 2011 at 1:50 am #

    Jazakallah sister for sharing this with us. May Allah give you the blessings as only he can for your efforts. Remember that Allah rewards in proportion of their hardships and situations, so it may be difficult for you now, but with this difficulty comes a much larger reward, Inshahallah. Keep it up and stay strong and committed. By the way I like your last suggestion the best 🙂

    I want to introduce to your users a very useful website which has a large amount of material on Islam and Ramadan that can Inshahallah help all of us attain the maximum hasanaat in this blessed month of Ramadan and all year thereafter.

    Please visit JoinMuslims.com

    Ramadan Kareem to you and all your visitors.

    Jazakallah and May Allah bless you all!

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