Hijaab Journey

3 Aug

Dear Reader,

It is coming close to the month of Ramadan, and to the start of my Hijaab journey. God willing I will be wearing the hijaab from the first day of Ramadan and from then on. I have had a mixture of emotions, but one feeling that has been stronger than the rest is faith. I have strong faith in my decision to wear the hijaab, and no opinion or facial expression can render it. I may feel strange, but I hope my decision inspires a million others, as it can only be the right way if Islam states so.

What I wanted to write about, was what the hijaab meant to me, and I will do this through a poem.

This piece of cotton I wear so proud, 

represents more than I can say aloud.

It is my name, my faith, my world and my heart,

it allows me to say so much before I even start.

It protects me from the evil of the world so efficiently,

and allows only the beauty of it to surround me.

When I wear my hijaab it changes my surroundings,

it makes me see the world for all the simple things. 

Because like a blooming flower, or a bird flying high,

A hijaab on my head is natural and this is something I can’t deny.

~Naima Adam

Read more about Naima here 



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