Ramadhan – Step two of my journey

3 Aug

Salaams Sisters,

Firstly I’d like apologise to you all for being so slack in updating my journey, but know I have been a very busy sister! I’m still 16 and I’m trying to utilise this year and make it one where I not only made alot of personal progression in terms of my character and my deen but also helped those around me progress.

I thought I’d update you all on my hijaab journey before the blessed month of Ramadhan and here I am even if it is just a few hours before! Ramadhan is a spiritual process through which we seek forgiveness from our Lord and intend to become better Muslims and for me that’s what this Ramadhan will be about.  I will progress as a Muslimah. I plan to make my way through the tafsir of the Quran and to memorize more of it. Also Inshallah I wish to overcome the dunya in a way I can carry through after Ramadhan. I wish to become a more humble person and to have a character which reflects the characters of the Muslim women who we should all hold as role models.

This Ramdhan my journey will be the beginning of a spiritual process so that I not only look like a Muslimah but I act, speak, eat, talk, drink, behave, and do everything else the way that a Muslim woman should. I think to some extent I neglected my hijaab for a while, after I begun wearing it I knew I had embarked on a journey but my boat was at a standstill.  Inshallah Ramadhan will put wind beneath my sails and my journey will be kick started again.

I pray that Ramadhan is a month that we all benefit from & that we use it to our full advantage as it’s an opportunity we are blessed with.  Remember me in your dua’s as I will remember you all in mine, inshallah.

~San’aa Sultan

Read more about San’aa here


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