Ramadhan – By guest contributor Elyas Ahmed

3 Aug

Before it’s time for THE month-

I pray I’m alive for the blessed month

The wait is unbearable

The feeling is incomparable

Running to prayer just to get the front row

Seeing the unity as the Masjid-

It gets crowded by the minute

A month of generosity-

Don’t be stingy when you see the bucket

Heapful amount of rewards-

An opportunity never to be missed

Family gatherings for Iftar-

Precious moments of bliss

Shaytaan locked up for an entire month!

How can you not be overjoyed?

Standing in prayer during the night

Emotions run wild just hearing those one of a kind verses

Even not knowing the meaning melts the people’s heart as you hear them cry

Millions of Muslims all doing the same thing across the globe

All bowing down to the One who gave us such a beautiful month

So many changes take place and you ponder what you’ve done before

How you made such a leap and why it took you so long

You used to have a sing along but now you’re memorising the blessed Qu’ran

Do what you can after this month-

Try- just do not slip

Because once he comes out he’s coming down on you like a ton of bricks!

Elyas Ahmed is a 21 year old Londoner who is constantly trying to do whatever he can to please Allah. “Like every Muslim trying to stay steadfast there are always things that come in the way to bring you down and we all need to keep each other in our Dua’s. Also I must make the people I know benefit from me somehow even if it is a small reminder, it may affect the person without them telling me and I will do anything to help to the best of my ability as I hate seeing my dear Muslims down and Allah knows how much pleasure I get knowing I just helped someone. ” You can follow Brother Elyas on twitter @elyas_a 


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