Society- By guest contributor Ryan

4 Aug

(Originally written for and published on the blog Poeticinjustice)


Were on the last page of humanity, please hold onto your sanity, remove all unnecessary vanity, lets achieve transparency. Come together with unity, it’s gonna take the love in me, who’s with me? I need your energy. We all need some love, you’ll see. Hate is why were torn at the seem. Egos just cause selfish greed. Please help your fellow man in need. Don’t walk on past when you see him bleed. Give him a plaster to heal his dream.

He once had one when he was young, we all die when our time has come. But we can still make a difference while were living strong, so smile at a hater and prove him wrong. Not maliciously, but so love can carry on.

I’m not perfect but I’ll work at my imperfection, if you promise to work at yours we can be each others reflection. Come together to shine above miscommunication and the over complication. We just need love it’s a simple equation.

~ Ryan


Ryan is a 23 year old male poet from Bristol. He says about himself, “I want to heal the world, not add to the problem but find a solution. I love people and the power of love.  I have major respect for women, the underdog and anyone with love in their hearts.” You can follow Ryan on twitter  Ryan_ukhiphop  and read his fantastic poetry on his blog PoeticInjustice


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