My Fasting Experience- by guest contributor Ryan Wheatly

5 Aug

I decided to fast because about 90% of my twitter feed was doing so. I thought of it as a good opportunity for me to see how lucky we are to have food 24/7- especially in a time when 12 million people are in dire need of food.

I fasted for two days and will probably continue to fast more days. The first day I found fasting to be very tiresome and I got dizzy, headaches etc. Most of the things you feel when you haven’t eaten for a long time. It forced me to admire how Muslims fast for 30 days or fast at all and can continue to do physical labour throughout the day without any fuel.
My second day of fasting I found to be far more rewarding. At the end of the day when iftar came (which I was waiting for for ages!), I was delighted and unbelievably appreciative of food. Where as the previous day I was just admiring the fasting process, today I was grateful for nutrition and food. I was also in a very good mood for the remainder of the night and I’m still in high spirits now, hence why I am considering extending how long I fast for. I found/am finding this experience to be incredibly beneficial to myself and I’m definitley glad I took the opportunity to do it.

~ Ryan Wheatley

Ryan is 19 years old and is currently unemployed.  He volunteers twice a week at a Save The Children store in the meantime. You can follow him on twitter @ToastAndBanana 


One Response to “My Fasting Experience- by guest contributor Ryan Wheatly”

  1. sigit August 5, 2011 at 11:24 pm #

    why don’t you try to fasting till the end of Ramadhan? @sigitardian

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