That Special Month

5 Aug

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My tummy feels all gurgly.
Not what I’m used to.
Satiety runs away from me.
Faster than Asafa.
Truth is…
I try not to care.
I remind myself, satiety’s absence is l i f e for some people.
Who am I to complain when the sunset will bring cool water and dried dates and perfectly boiled rice, you know the fluffy dry soft kind, and freshly squeezed orange juice and that stew I cooked last night that they said was particularly delicious to accompany the rice so we could eat straight after maghrib and not wait for the food to cook.
Who am I to complain when He made me one of the fortunate ones.
I have a family to have iftar with.
I have a stove to cook on.
I have food in my fridge even though I am not eating.
I have more than I deserve.
The least I can do is submit to Your will and deprive myself for the light hours.

~ Khalida

Read more about Khalida here


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