Can you not see?

6 Aug

It is a miracle to me a utter mystery,

How you can look at this earth and not see what I see,

Why is the credit not given to the One who is above,

How can He let us relish in that which he doesn’t love,

A multitude of splendor is here on earth to see,

To notice all I had to do was simply look around me,

At the rapid succession of waves on a beach,

To the continuous sky upon which the sun will rise,

There is no doubt in my mind as to whom the praise is due,

It goes to One so splendid and Whose grace so wide,

That His creations continue to exist over spans of time,

I humbly bow to Him before which I’ve cleared my mind,

Now is the time to put all my reservations aside,

What’s left of me, a vessel of what we were made to be,

I now kneel and prostrate and it comes so naturally,

One day when the sun’s rays will cease to shine again,

And it seems that time itself has finally unwound,

When the prophecies are fulfilled and all of mankind is at rest,

When we are waiting to be judged to put the seal on our destiny,

Will you not look around and long to be free,

To go back in time to where you first encountered me,

And tell me that you wish to see what it is that I now see.


~ Keziah Ridgeway ‘Black Muslimah’


Read more about Keziah here


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