Me and My Hijaab: Pledge to raise money for water solutions for the disadvantaged around the world

18 Aug

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“Dirty water kills 5 million people a year.” ~ Islamic Relief

Me and My Hijaab have pledged to raise money for water solutions for the disadvantaged around the world. We are seeing the devastating effects of drought right now in East Africa.  Water solutions are desperately needed, from Africa to China. Islamic Relief, with our help, can put in place water systems that will help communities overcome drought, famine and death due to unsanitary water.

InshaAllah, everyone who donates towards this with sincere intentions will gain the blessings long after they have left the world, as generations after us will benefit from clean, healthy water.


Islamic Relief have been very helpful in aiding us with making sure that the money will go towards communities that desperately need water solutions, such as a larger water project in China and future water projects in Africa and elsewhere. The money raised by us will be allocated to where the need is greatest, and will be spent by Islamic Relief when the need arises.


Examples of Islamic Relief’s water and sanitation projects:

Albania: Clean water for Lumturie

Indonesia: Bamboo water pipes

Niger: Community Solidarity


Please click here for more information about Islamic Relief’s work regarding Water and Sanitation


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