25 Aug

Sometimes I get hot and sticky underneath my layered scarf.
I start to wonder what it feels like if I’d just take it off.
The thought passes my mind for a moment and goes away just as fast.
I pray for new hijabis and hope the wise move will last.
Sometimes I wonder what people think of me when I’m walking down the street.
I’m disturbed at girls flashing flesh from their head to their feet.
I look up to the sky and thank my Lord everyday.
I try my best not to miss by five prayers a day.
There’s no point looking the part, you have to act it too.
You won’t get the job just because you looked good in the interview.
I see Muslim ladies with no scarves and wonder what goes on in their mind.
But I know loving the hijab can take time and must come from inside.
~ Asma.S

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