Did we leave respect and tolerance behind?

8 Sep

Ok so this one will be really short. I just had to get a couple of things off my chest.

Whilst we think we are moving forward, we seem to have left a couple of things behind: Respect and Tolerance.

Too many times, I have seen Muslim sisters speaking badly about their own Muslim sisters wearing the niqaab. I then hear Muslim sisters insulting those women who are ‘naked’. Now, everyone is entitled to their opinion, but sometimes I feel like we need training in how to voice it.

The Niqaab.

The niqaab, or the face covering, sparks up a lot of controversy. Sisters who choose to wear it are under an immense amount of pressure, especially with the current climate. Whether one believes it to be a fard (compulsory) or not, know that it is not haram (prohibited) to wear one. It is therefore vital that we support our sisters who wear it, even if one does not agree with it, your sister in Islam has chosen to cover her face for the sake of the Almighty, and that choice alone should be respected.

The woman who does not ‘cover’.

Whether it be your sisters in Islam, or your sisters in humanity, it makes me cringe when women who do not ‘cover’ are mocked, called sluts or referred to as cheap. There is a difference between saying that a woman who is not dressed modestly is no more liberated that a woman who chooses to cover, and calling a woman who does not cover names. Remember that

  1. You were not born wearing the hijaab and
  2. Allah can switch your positions with another quicker that you can blink, so be careful who you look down upon.

If you disagree with the dress of a non-Muslim woman, then that’s fine. But insulting them is far from showing compassion and respect. Know that just as you have made a choice to cover, some women have made a choice not to. We don’t have to agree with it, but we can atleast respect the ‘free choice’ of women. God guides whom He pleases. We should not condemn, look down on or ridicule others for their way of dress the way that we are looked down upon and ridiculed for ours. I am guilty of this, and it is something I would like to change within myself.

I am not saying that you cannot have an opinion, I am merely saying that at times, we need to choose our words wisely. And this is a reminder for myself first and foremost. Remember that words can cling to a person’s heart, and with your words, you don’t know how you may be pushing someone further away from you and your message.


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