Something Doesn’t Add Up

8 Sep

People assume that my hijab is just a scarf. They assume that its purpose is to simply cover my hair. They have no idea that this hijab is like a remote. It controls everything I do, think, and say. How I walk, talk, and dress. My hijab is more than a proclamation of my Islamic identity, it is the definition of my person. It declares, “I am Muslim, watch how my beliefs and actions reflect one another.”

Sadly, I cannot blame people for thinking that my hijab is just a scarf. I cannot blame them for devaluing my hijab, for shrouding it under the label of “fashion.” All they see are hijabis in leggings, hijabis with boyfriends, hijabis cursing, drunk hijabis, high hijabis, short sleeve hijabis, hijabis with transparent shirts, dancing at a party hijabis, giving out phone numbers hijabis…the list goes on.

Hijabis are not those things, nor does my hijab represent those things. My hjiab says just the opposite.

Sorry for the rant.

Get it together sisters. Your hijab is what makes you special and different. If your personality, attire, and actions don’t match up to the ideals of the hijab, then you’re just wearing a scarf.

~ Essence Jones

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One Response to “Something Doesn’t Add Up”

  1. looksofislam August 29, 2014 at 3:23 am #

    Reblogged this on Looks of Islam and commented:
    I really think this is well put. The big question these days: What really is hijab?

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