My Red Hijab by Guest Contributor Iman Gill

25 Sep

My name is Iman Gill and I have been blessed to practice Islam for over a decade. I am African-American and in my late twenties. I was introduced to Islam through a wonderful Muslim Community in a suburb of Atlanta, where there is a large African-American Muslim population. This community had all types of Muslims, some who had practiced Islam all of their lives and some who had converted. It was like another world, full of beautiful Sisters in hijab and Brothers with beards and jalabias. They were so warm, accepting, and overly friendly. The amount of respect these women received in their community is what gave me the courage to ditch my tight jeans and french roll and embrace the world of modesty and wear the hijab proudly. 

I wrote a book entitled My Red Hijab, My White Baby Tee, and My Blue Skinny Jeans. It tells the story of an urban, African- American non-Muslim girl being introduced to the world of Islam. The book is meant to be a cautionary tale of what can happen when you mix street life with Islam. I wrote it to shed light on how difficult it can be to break the chains of American culture and fully conform to a respectable Muslimah. The following except is from Chapter 1, entitled ‘Kafir Girls’:

“Tanya would get dressed in her best gear and prance around the Muslim guys, trying to get a reaction. She got nothing but an occasional glance. The guys would look at her and her homegirls as if they were dumb and ditzy. She couldn’t figure out what the hell she was doing wrong, and it was a real blow to her ego. She had yet to learn that Muslim men didn’t think the girls in tight jeans with cute hairstyles were anything to get excited about. They had different standards of beauty, and she did not meet their criteria.”

If you want more information about this book, please visit Iman on, or visit her publisher’s website.


2 Responses to “My Red Hijab by Guest Contributor Iman Gill”

  1. Malek Elmadari March 21, 2012 at 7:09 pm #

    I am very interested in this book

    Where can I find a copy?

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