Who are we?

20 Oct

(Originally written for and published on the blog Zaraesque)

Know your rights like Rosa did.

Ain’t nobody taking my seat.

Women who fought for their liberties.

Possessing modesty and bravery.

I am not the Beyonces of today.

I am the Rosas, the Khadijasthe Sumayyas.

Women who were more than ass and breasts.

We can do more than ‘impress’.

My sisters  born to be leaders.

I am not the Lady Gagas or the Rihannas.

I am the Mothers; who watch their children starve and die.

Built on strong legs that walk for miles.

Silent heroines who strive to survive.

I am the women who work hard and are giving.

Not the bold who sit and continue begging.

I am ME!

Looking up to all those; who I aspire to be.

Women filled with spirituality.

And poetry.

And love for humanity.

Like the Nusaybahs out there.

Carrying my sword and shield.

Gentle; but fierce when need be.

I am not a WAG wannabe.

Glamour model atrocity.

I am just a woman who wants to be…

Scholars like A’isha.

Trusting and loyal like Khadijah.

Seeker of truth like Bilkis, Queen of Sheba.

I am the women of faith.

Strong beliefs and love for her peoples.

Standing side by side with humanity.

By those women whose bodies and minds are treated so violently.

Those women whose faces were scarred with acid.

A crime so evil, yet she repels pity.

I am with the countless rape victims of the Congo.

And the widows whose hearts grieve for it’s loss.

Yet they are determined to remain self-sufficient.

I am my sisters whose innocent husbands were snatched in the night.

I feel your pain and your plight.

I am the women who drown out subjugation not with screams; but with action.

The silent and strong types.

Like my grandmother.

I don’t live for this world and her glitter.

I am not fooled by fake liberation.

I see reality; the pictures bigger.

Women don’t  degrade yourselves.

And let others degrade you.

Stand strong; be counted.

Be wise and grounded.

I love you my hard-working; beautiful sisters.





This is a message from me to you.

About who we are; and what we can achieve.

I be your sister from another mister.

Rely on me, when need be.



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4 Responses to “Who are we?”

  1. hijabiSISTER October 20, 2011 at 1:12 pm #

    wow mash’Allah what a lovely post

    • Zaraesque October 20, 2011 at 1:34 pm #

      Jazakillahu khayran sis 🙂

  2. Insaaf October 26, 2011 at 4:33 pm #

    Assalaamu-alaikum fellow Sisters,

    my name is Insaaf Isaacs, the first ever Muslim female President to lead a Student Representative Council at an institution of higher (the University of Cape Town) learning in the history of my country (South Africa).

    I have been forwarded this poem by a beloved sister of mine (who would prefer not to be named). My hijab is my authority, an authority I am pleased to say my student community has embraced after sisters continued to work, live & lead without disowning it. Your poem truly touched me but I would like to ask that you continue writing along principled lines which I believe will appeal to a broader pool of readers both Muslim and non-Muslim.

    Otherwise, shukran for making my day =]

    • Zaraesque October 26, 2011 at 5:02 pm #

      Wa alaikum assalaam wa rahma wa baraka

      Jazakillahu khayran for your comment sister and may Allah increase you in khayr and reward you for your accomplishments, ameen. I tried to make this poem as ‘reader friendly’ as possible by placing links to more information about the women mentioned (if one clicks on the names they will be taken to more information). Unfortunately you can’t cater to the needs of everyone within one piece, however, the overall blog tries to cater to Muslims and non-Muslim with different tastes.

      Wassalaamu alaikum


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