Me and My Hijaab’s Sponsored Walk for East Africa- WE DID IT!

24 Jan

As you all may know, the Me and My Hijaab blog recently hosted a Sponsored walk to raise money for Islamic Relief’s East African appeal. On Saturday 21st January, 7 ladies met in Edmonton and proceeded to walk at 11am. Approximately 8.1 miles and 6.5 hours later, after two prayer stops, alot of giggles and many strange looks from people- we reached our destination: Regents Park Mosque. The admin of Me and My Hijaab would like to thank all those who took part, prayed for this cause, donated and spread the word. It’s not quite over yet though. The donations page is closing on the 4th Feb- so there’s still time to donate!

T-shirts from Islamic Relief

Preparing for the walk the night before!

Where it all started...Edmonton Islamic Centre

Starting point- Edmonton Islamic Centre


Getting ready to leave

And off we go!

Leaving Edmonton Islamic Centre

Fore Street, Edmonton

Approaching Tottenham

One of the Me and My Hijaab admin Representing Islamic Relief

Popped into a hairdressers in Tottenham to ask for donations

Heading towards Finsbury Park

Stopped off in Seven Sisters to offer Dhuhr

Spiritual rejuvenation before heading back out...

...and re-pinning of new back signs after they became soggy in the rain!

Having a rest

Nearer to Finsbury Park, where we stopped to offer Asr

Approaching Regents Park Mosque

Nearly there!

Walking into the mosque

The end of a fantastic day!

The donations page will be open until the 4th February- so there’s still time to DONATE!!!! 


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