Me and My Hijaab- We Are Empowered!!! New fundraising campaign

12 Mar

Me and My Hijaab have once again teamed up with the UK’s 3rd largest charity, Islamic Relief, to raise money for their project: We Are Empowered- helping women in the world’s poorest countries break the cycle of poverty by providing them with the means and skills to start their own business. 

Charity is not only about food parcels or monthly donations. It’s about prevention, and long-term solutions. And this is exactly what ‘We Are Empowered’ is about.  It is giving someone- in this case, women, who are vulnerable, poor and suffering, the chance to excel. It is not patronising them. It is not about giving hand-outs, but a helping hand, so that they can achieve their dreams. The ‘Shea Butter project is a perfect example of this: 

“In southern Mali, Donmbia Kadia Samaki had a plan to start a business to produce butter from shea tree nuts, which Islamic Relief supported with a loan. Over a few years, the business has grown and now employs 74 women, supporting the whole community!

Islamic Relief then partnered the business with a cosmetic company in France, training the women to ensure that the shea butter meets the high standards of the cosmetic industry. The butter is not being exported to Paris.

The money made from the butter not only supports the women and their families, but helps the business grow: recently they built a manufacturing and storage facility.

All Donmbia Kadia Samaki needed was a little help and thanks to the micro-credit load, she was empowered to not only support herself, but her entire community.” ~ Islamic Relief.

I have dreams, you have dreams, everyone has dreams. Take a small moment to think about the dreams you had and what you’ve been able to do to achieve them. Now imagine thousands of women around the world who have similar dreams but are unable to fulfil them because they don’t even have the money to feed their families.

This isn’t about giving a hand-out, but a helping hand, in the form of a short term, interest free loan (micro-finance). Using micro finance, a woman is able to start her own business and acquire the skills she needs to become self-sufficient. But it doesn’t stop there. Once she repays the loan (98% of these loans have been paid back so far) it is ‘recycled’ and given to another woman, and another after that, empowering women, families, and communities around the world.

We want people to understand exactly what they are giving to- a truly special and unique project. We won’t ask you for money every month, as your donation will be used again and again. We want you to know that in helping us, you will be helping to empower a woman, so that she is no longer dependant.


Be part of someone’s empowerment and donate towards this project TODAYWe will be running a campaign consisting of various events and challenges- so stay tuned for more announcements!

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Raised so far:

We Are Empowered Fundraising dinner: £11,000

Mount Snowdon Climb: TBC

Other fundraising: £470

More info about the project:

Food parcels and handouts offer temporary respite from hunger, but unless people are given the means to lift themselves out of destitution, the aid will eventually run out leaving only dependency.
Women bear a disproportionate burden of the world’s poverty and are more likely to lack the basic necessities of life such as clean water, food and adequate shelter.

In many communities, women generally face the greatest difficulties in finding work. Typically, when they are widowed or left abandoned with several children they have no skills to earn an income, leaving them vulnerable, with little or no protection and way of supporting their families.

Islamic Relief is empowering these women by providing a means for them to find their own route out of poverty, through the provision of micro-credit loans.

  • Vocational training programmes (computer classes, tailoring, making handicrafts etc.)
  • Islamic Microfinance; Interest-free loans to start small businesses.
  • Widows welfare (training and microfinance).
  • Distribution of livestock.
  • Promoting agriculture: distributing seeds and fertiliser, improving irrigation.
  • Strengthening community governance.

Loans usually come with problems for impoverished communities when they need to be paid back but the microcredit programme has seen 98% of the loans repaid, showing the difference that they have made to people’s lives. This is when the money is then recycled; once repaid by one person, the money is then loaned out to another person, and then another and then another… and on it goes, empowering family after family.

£60 can buy cloth and materials to support a woman with her tailoring business

£300 can purchase animals to transport goods to the nearest market, making it easier to sell

£500 can buy farming equipment to help a family start a business selling vegetables


2 Responses to “Me and My Hijaab- We Are Empowered!!! New fundraising campaign”

  1. Koketso Moeti May 13, 2012 at 10:41 am #

    A huge well-done to all involved, this programme goes beyond fixing the symptoms- but addresses the cause of the problem. Wish you all the best and will share as much as possible.

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