WE ARE EMPOWERED! Ladies only fundraising dinner- THANK YOU from Me and My Hijaab!

23 Jul

AlHamdulillah, after alot of planning, Me and My Hijaab, in partnership with Islamic Relief hosted a ladies only fundraising dinner to raise money for Islamic Relief’s We Are Empowered project. After a night of great speakers, eemaan boosters, fantastic food and company, alHamdulillah, we raised just over £11,000! We would like to say jazakillahu khayran to everyone who came and donated. Also, for all of the support from Islamic Relief and the Me and My Hijaab team. The sisters who were there helping on the night were the epitome of what Me and My Hijaab are about: Sisterhood.

Below are just afew shots from the night, enjoy!

Setting up: Sheila Princess Warrior lifting tables!

Setting up the art exhibition

Arapath (North London Fundraiser- Islamic Relief) setting up

Setting up

Me and My Hijaab powerpoint

Setting up

Art exhibition complete

Arapath and Jakir- Islamic Relief

Sanah & Khalida decorating

Al Rawiya table

Islamic Relief table

Welcome glasses waiting to be filled with welcome drinks!

People arriving

Sisters arriving and looking at Shaista Chishty’s stunning photography

Welcome drinks

Opening duaa

Sheila doing her welcome speech

Zara speaking about Me and My Hijaab



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