We Are Empowered! Ladies Only Mount Snowdon Climb- WE DID IT!!

24 Jul

On the 30th June, 14 ladies set out to take part in Me and My Hijaab’s Mount Snowdon Challenge, to raise money for Islamic Relief’s ‘WE ARE EMPOWERED’ project- helping women around the world break the cycle of poverty by giving them business initiatives.  After a long journey, we arrived in Wales and started climbing Mount Snowdon with our two guides Martin and Sarah.

We made it 3/4 of the way and unfortunately had to turn back due to it getting late and bad weather. But we were not disappointed. Our intention was to climb Mount Snowdon to raise money for these women, and in shaa Allah we will do just that! What an experience it was! Being in the company of other ladies whose intention it was to raise money for women less fortunate, praying in the clouds, then going back to a beautiful dinner (complete with halal meat) and a warm bed  was just fantastic.  We would like to thank Linda at the hostel who prepared beautiful meals for us and made the effort to get halal meat, you may never get to read this- but we really appreciated it!

Hold on though- it’s not over yet- there’s still time to donate! Below are some of the ladies who took part- click on a name and please donate whatever you can!










We would like to thank everyone who has donated, spread the word, prayed for and encouraged us. JazakAllahu khayran.

Click here to view pictures from the climb.


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