What were we entrusted with?

29 Oct


Ok so, if you’ve ever met/seen me you will know I struggle with my weight. I have done for about 3 years. I say struggle but it’s more a case of I just weigh a lot. Because I haven’t made any consistent, genuine efforts to change it. Until recently, I have been reflecting on the issue and I have some things to share. I’ve heard so many sisters talk about how they ‘let go’ when they started covering and so on. So I thought I’d talk about it.

We always hear that everything in life is entrusted to us from God. Why do we forget our bodies in this too? Lets face facts, overeating is WRONG! Why? Because it is wasteful! Wasteful behaviour is a hated thing. It is displeasing to our Creator. I think we overlook this so often. We look at food as a halal enjoyment, which it is, but the essence of the faith we follow is moderation and food is in no way excluded from this.

Also, a believer musn’t cause themself harm. Letting go of yourself is usually an abuse of your health and that, in my understanding, is harming yourself. We treat it so trivially but this could be such a huge wrong in our accounts. Yes, it is that serious! Because it is an abuse of your body, which has rights over you and was given to you to take care of. Just as we are accountable for the care of our progeny, we will be accountable for how we cared for our bodies, the vehicle of our souls.

Reflecting on these things is what caused me to take a new outlook on my body. I’m now striving to fix the wrong I have done to my own self. If you find yourself struggling with your weight please think about what I am saying and stop it before it goes too far, and if it has already gone far, it is still fixable. If you want tips or motivation or anything let me know because it is a struggle, email meandmyhijab@gmail.com to be put in contact with me.

Maintain your health and strength for the sake of The Creator. And if you need support contact me!

~ Khalida

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