Please don’t leave me-I love You

16 Dec

I failed you today.

I was impatient.

I thought I could manage everything myself.

I thought I was in control- as a result my patience evaporated and left me, today.

I failed you as a representative.

I failed my test today. Please I ask You to forgive me and I ask that You help me in the way you think best.

I thought I was the only one, I thought I was special.

I thought too much when I should just believe in You.

I spoke to much when I should be listening to You.

I ask that You provide me with the right lenses and the right tools to serve you correctly, sincerely and as perfectly as possible.

Please, I want to work for You.

I long for You.

I think about You when I am low and I won’t blame You when things become challenging as I know You just want to educate me and make me learn.

Please, I ask sincerely, help me, guide me and please…

Don’t leave me. I love You.

Being a Muslim is my duty and my role- first and foremost.

If it is ‘good’ for me please grant it for me, Allah.

Please forgive me for the mistakes I made today.

I am already in severe debt with the mistakes of the past.

Please consider my forgiveness even though I may be unworthy.

Please I beg You for Your love and I beg You not to leave me at any time or point.

I love You.

Please stay with me. I can’t live with out you, Allah.

~ Matters of the World

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