I want to go back home…In shaa Allah

24 Jan

I want to go back home, In sha Allah

The tears soak the pillow, my heart begins to ache.

A deep pain that hasn’t been solved or addressed.

A yearning, a desperate yearning for more than what this life has to offer.

Occupying my time, my mind, my days with activities of distractions: projects of procrastination.

A deep loneliness built by me- surrounding myself with people- the creation.

People in my phone book and people in my note book. People all around me- a momentary feeling of comfort.

No one is here now to hear the cry or pain- the many friends and the many faces all disappear into a blur.

Only One remains constant-always listening to me, every heart beat, every thought.

Understanding all my emotions and intentions- understood by One in more ways than one.

Me, walking on by always neglecting them but still they are providing for me, looking after me and helping me fully to develop my character into that which is much better than I- the journey will never end till You appear.

Allah I want to come home, In sha Allah- You are

my Everything and More.

~ Matters of the World

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