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‘Me & my Health’

24 Jan

In God’s name.

In my last post, I spoke about taking care of what we were given. Our physical bodies to be specific. And after a chat with the Me and My Hijaab sisters (oh, how I love ’em) we have decided to start up monthly fitness challenges!!! Yaaaaaay!!

What are the challenges going to be? Will I be able to handle them? Ahhhhhhhhh!

Don’t panic! We plan to have different levels to each monthly challenge. So for example, if the challenge involves sit ups, we will suggest a starting amount and you are free to start with less or more. What ever suits you. We will try to include some lighter alternatives for sisters who may not be able to go at it full force.  Also, the challenges will not always be exercise based. There will be food based challenges too. This is all about improving our overall health, inside and out. To be happy, healthy, comfortable and most of all, fulfilling our duty in regards to our bodies.

Soooooo… February 1st 2013 is our start date.

Get ready to eat clean and train dirty!

To see our challenges, please go to Me & My Hijaab’s baby sister: Me & My Community.


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What were we entrusted with?

29 Oct


Ok so, if you’ve ever met/seen me you will know I struggle with my weight. I have done for about 3 years. I say struggle but it’s more a case of I just weigh a lot. Because I haven’t made any consistent, genuine efforts to change it. Until recently, I have been reflecting on the issue and I have some things to share. I’ve heard so many sisters talk about how they ‘let go’ when they started covering and so on. So I thought I’d talk about it.

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