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I want to go back home…In shaa Allah

24 Jan

I want to go back home, In sha Allah

The tears soak the pillow, my heart begins to ache.

A deep pain that hasn’t been solved or addressed.

A yearning, a desperate yearning for more than what this life has to offer.

Occupying my time, my mind, my days with activities of distractions: projects of procrastination.

A deep loneliness built by me- surrounding myself with people- the creation.

People in my phone book and people in my note book. People all around me- a momentary feeling of comfort.

No one is here now to hear the cry or pain- the many friends and the many faces all disappear into a blur.

Only One remains constant-always listening to me, every heart beat, every thought.

Understanding all my emotions and intentions- understood by One in more ways than one.

Me, walking on by always neglecting them but still they are providing for me, looking after me and helping me fully to develop my character into that which is much better than I- the journey will never end till You appear.

Allah I want to come home, In sha Allah- You are

my Everything and More.

~ Matters of the World

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Please don’t leave me-I love You

16 Dec

I failed you today.

I was impatient.

I thought I could manage everything myself.

I thought I was in control- as a result my patience evaporated and left me, today.

I failed you as a representative.

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The beat-down of the nafs- why it’s best done in Ramadhan

28 Sep

Bismillah was-salaatu was-salaam ala Rasoollillah.

Before I begin, I must say that I am not a scholar, or someone of knowledge. This note comes from my own contemplation, and I wish to share it with you so that you too may benefit from it, in shaa Allah. This advise is to myself first and foremost, and then for anyone who wishes to take from it.

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No More Excuses

28 Sep

Asalaamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatu 🙂

Long time no write… lack of inspiration.

As of late I’ve seen quite a lot of us making excuses for not being a better M U S L I M.  I think it’s mandatory that we all understand that when it comes to our Islam, we’re either moving forward or going backward.  You CANNOT be stagnant. It’s impossible. Either your Iman is rising or it’s falling.  A basic characteristic of Dunya is that things are temporary.  No state in this life will ever be constant so why are we so damn comfortable?  We all KNOW ourselves and a lot of us KNOW that we are just plain old LAZY.  We KNOW we can do better, we WANT to do better but for various reasons we just DON’T do better. Continue reading

What does H.I.J.A.B mean to you?

28 Sep

H- hindered! Held back from the pleasures in life.
I- indoctrined by the men in her life
J- juxtaposed with the women of ‘our’ society
A- anti freedom, anti feminist
B- Bored! Of her sheltered life and longing to be like ‘us’.

H- heightened! My status in islam!
I- intelligent, insightful and yes independent
J- jannah at my feet when i become a mother
A- Ambitious, like no other.
B- Brave. Brave enough to cover herself, in a society that allows women to exchange their bodies for wealth.

~ Munirah Williams

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Who are we?

20 Oct

(Originally written for and published on the blog Zaraesque)

Know your rights like Rosa did.

Ain’t nobody taking my seat.

Women who fought for their liberties.

Possessing modesty and bravery.

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Be Free

2 Jul

(Originally written for and published on the blog Yes I Have A voice– Jan-22-2011)

I don’t care where you have been or what you have done- that is between you and God.

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Time for change.

28 Jun

A poem about how I felt during my transition from a non practising Muslim woman to a practising one. (Oringinally written for and published on the blog Yes I Have  A Voice )

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