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Hijab As I See It: Reflection of Hijab Through The Eyes of Man

28 Sep

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh


Before I start I just want to add a quick disclaimer. My knowledge is limited at best, I don’t profess to know everything about Islam, in fact I know very little about very little. I’m not the most Islamic of brothers but Insha’Allah I am working on changing this. Continue reading


‘Hijabi for a Day’ by Sara Weissman

24 Jan

(Originally written for the Newspaper of a Jewish community day school of which Sara is co-editor- taken from the blog ‘Jihadi Jew’)


From the businessman’s suit to a goth’s band T-shirt, we all know that clothes are more than cloth. What we choose to wear is a sign of who we are, what we aspire to be, and how we choose to represent ourselves. So imagine wearing your heart on your sleeve, or rather your religious devotion over your head. The concept of hijab, the headscarf worn by Muslim women, is less simple than it seems. Continue reading

Society- By guest contributor Ryan

4 Aug

(Originally written for and published on the blog Poeticinjustice)


Were on the last page of humanity, please hold onto your sanity, remove all unnecessary vanity, lets achieve transparency. Come together with unity, it’s gonna take the love in me, who’s with me? I need your energy. We all need some love, you’ll see. Hate is why were torn at the seem. Egos just cause selfish greed. Please help your fellow man in need. Don’t walk on past when you see him bleed. Give him a plaster to heal his dream. Continue reading

Hmmmm, hoodies, hijabs and hats- what’s the difference? – Hijaab from a Non-Muslim perspective, by guest contributor Ryan

21 Jul

Ok so im gonna give you my Uneducated views at first then I’ll do a little research, climb down off my ignorant perch and give you a more balanced view-point through my words. Continue reading

Hijaab. Easier said than done bruv! – By guest contributor Mister X

13 Jul

Salaam people of the world!

Before I begin, let me tell you that I am neither a scholar nor a person who claims a position of a high dignitary. I am just a brother from-the-block giving my contribution to you lovely people but to my brothers in particular. This is a reminder to me before it goes out to anyone else, may Allah SWT forgive me if I have said/done anything wrong and may He save us all from the Punishment of Hellfire. Ameen.

By the way – I have to confess something, I get put off reading long articles! Lol. (see- I am a brother from the block – I Lol’d!) My language is plain and simple so inshaaAllah it wouldn’t be difficult to read, hopefully it’ll make you smile, and if someone walks away learning something from this then my mission is complete. Enjoy- J

Continue reading

Hijab is your crown – by guest contributor Elyas Ahmed

9 Jul

Your hijab has more value then every diamond,
Every emerald,
Every bit of gold,
That the queen has in her crown.

Marwa el-Shirbiny – By guest contributor Elyas Ahmed

9 Jul

A shining star from a young age,

El Nasr College had a unique student. Continue reading

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