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My Life Since I’ve Been Muslim

24 Jan

Since I became Muslim on the 30th august 2012,my life has truly changed for the better alHamdullilah (All Praise due to Allah) I have a more positive outlook in life and I know what my purpose is in this dunya (world).

Even though I’ve made mistakes in my past I feel that I’ve been given a fresh start an I am able to live my life to the fullest whilst pleasing Allah and even though I am not wearing a hijaab yet, I will be soon be one day inshAllah (God Willing). However I feel that I still need to work on my character and my attitude towards certain things because the hijab is like the cherry on top of the cake and you can’t have a cherry without a cake.

Join me on my journey in shaa Allah!

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What does H.I.J.A.B mean to you?

28 Sep

H- hindered! Held back from the pleasures in life.
I- indoctrined by the men in her life
J- juxtaposed with the women of ‘our’ society
A- anti freedom, anti feminist
B- Bored! Of her sheltered life and longing to be like ‘us’.

H- heightened! My status in islam!
I- intelligent, insightful and yes independent
J- jannah at my feet when i become a mother
A- Ambitious, like no other.
B- Brave. Brave enough to cover herself, in a society that allows women to exchange their bodies for wealth.

~ Munirah Williams

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Where I am now

5 Aug


Just an update on where I am. I’m still not covering… but I’ve stopped posting photos of myself without hijab online, simply because it’s public domain, anyone can stare at those pictures for unlimited amounts of time and that makes me uncomfortable. Which to me is promising, I seem to be regaining shyness, all thanks to The Creator. I am trying my best to wear loose fitting clothes, more maxi dresses etc and it is my intention to always cover my hair with something. Ramadan is definitely sweet for me right now. I’m a lot more focused. God willing I’ll post on something soon.

I feel clean. That’s the only way I can describe the internal process right now.



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Ramadhan – Step two of my journey

3 Aug

Salaams Sisters,

Firstly I’d like apologise to you all for being so slack in updating my journey, but know I have been a very busy sister! I’m still 16 and I’m trying to utilise this year and make it one where I not only made alot of personal progression in terms of my character and my deen but also helped those around me progress. Continue reading

Me and my Hijab

8 Jun

I began covering a year after I converted. I wore jeans and a hijab. And then abaya and hijab. And then jilbab. And on and off niqab. I loved it. A lot. I stopped about 2 years later mainly because of family issues (unbelievably long story). I didn’t start again because of many things.

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Me and my (currently non-existent) hijab.

2 Jun

Ask me why I do not wear a hijab and I can tell you exactly why. It is the fact that the hijab is the first and most obvious sign of a Muslimah, and it is these women that most people assume to represent Islam. I do not feel that I am worthy of representing my religion, not when there are so many things that I should do, that I don’t, and so many things that I should not do that I still do.

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