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Weekend #3 of non-Muslim Fasting by Guest Contributor Kevin NG

25 Aug

(Originally written for and published on the blog Ninja Sound Bites)

Volunteering for iftar and tarawih services last weekend for the @ICNYU last weekend was in of itself such a humbling and warming experience.  The people, the support, and the lessons I received from there definitely inspired, renewed, and pushed me in a positive way to continue my non-Muslim fasting and volunteer services for this weekend.  Needless to say, I had been anxiously looking forward to this weekend and this one in particular may have been a prominently pivotal moment in my life. Continue reading


Weekend #2 of non-Muslim Fasting by Guest Contributor Kevin NG

20 Aug

(Originally written for and published on the blog Ninja Sound Bites)

As stated before, my plan for this month/Ramadan is to continue my non-Muslim fasting on the weekends beginning Friday night into Sunday evening (although I am tempted to start Friday morning as well in order to technically make it an ENTIRE weekend – though that notion depends upon to whom you talk).  Last weekend was truly humbling and nothing quite like anything else I’ve experienced as I’ve already stated.  With the publication of my first weekend on non-Muslim fasting whilst simultaneously going public with my blog, a follower and good friend of mine on Twitter referred me to the iftar and tarawih services that the Islamic Center at New York University (ICNYU) is holding throughout this wonderful month.  Just a few things I’d like to point out before continuing: Continue reading

Non-Muslim Fasting Weekend (Weekend #1)- by guest contributor Kevin NG

9 Aug

(Originally written for and published on the blog Ninja Sound Bites)

They say there’s a first time for everything, and being that I had never fasted before, I can truly say that this has so far been one of the most humbling experiences I’ve ever had the privilege of undertaking in my life.  One common misconception I (and apparently others?) held is people who are fasting can consume fluids, or at the very least water – wrong.  Lol.  Discovering this new fact put a nice, little twist on this experience, and even though it made me nervous at first, it also made me more anxious- but in a good way. Continue reading

Fasting For Africa / Non Muslim Fasting- a new blog by Ryan

8 Aug

Please check out a new blog by one of our fabulous guest contributors Ryan; Fasting for Africa/Non Muslim Fasting where Ryan tells us about his two week fast during Ramadhan and why he’s doing it. Please pass through and show some love and support for this great cause.

Wish you all the best bro!

Ryan is a 23 year old male poet from Bristol. He says about himself, “I want to heal the world, not add to the problem but find a solution. I love people and the power of love.  I have major respect for women, the underdog and anyone with love in their hearts.” You can follow Ryan on twitter  Ryan_ukhiphop  and read his fantastic poetry on his blog PoeticInjustice

My Fasting Experience- by guest contributor Ryan Wheatly

5 Aug

I decided to fast because about 90% of my twitter feed was doing so. I thought of it as a good opportunity for me to see how lucky we are to have food 24/7- especially in a time when 12 million people are in dire need of food.

Continue reading

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