To my fellow human

28 Jun

(Originally written for and published on the blog Yes I Have A Voice – Sep 25 2010)

Many a time I have felt intimidated or awkward around some of my Muslim sisters. This is not a criticism. This feeling is most probably in my own head, rather than being the outcome of something that someone has done to me. Nevertheless, the feeling still existed, and I hate to think that I may have ever made anyone feel this way.

Recently, I have re-evaluated my own self. I came to the conclusion that a change had to come about, and this change had to start with how I view myself. Because for a chunk of my life as a practicing Muslim (which by the way is not that long), I have been arrogant, and somewhat self righteous. Yes, I did look down on some people. Yes I did think myself better than some. And yes, I know that not only is this kind of behaviour totally un-Islamic, but is also a disease of the heart. But now- for some reason, I’m feeling the love (for want of a better phrase!).

I have changed and re-arranged. Not only my inside- but my outside too. And I’m trying my hardest to do things only for the sake of God, and not for the sake of people- which is a constant battle, but one that I am willing to fight.

So I want to say this- to my fellow Muslim sister- whom I used to look down upon- I’m sorry, and I love you. No matter what you wear, what you don’t wear, or how you wear what you wear- I respect you. Whether you speak fluent Arabic or use transliteration, whether you have just come to Islam or started practising, or whether you have spent the last ten years studying under shuyukh (teachers) in Egypt, Syria, Yemen and Mauritania- I love you.

And to my fellow non-Muslim, whom I have looked down on, I’m sorry and I love you. I have family that are not Muslim, and I have met many a non Muslim who I have learnt from, and whose character I wish I could have even an ounce of.

We can all learn from eachother. I am better than none, and I have no right to judge anyone.

Each and every one of you are humans, MY fellow humans, and I got love and respect for all y’all.

May God enlightens us all.


~Zara ‘ZAS’

Read more about Zara here


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