Hijab is your crown – by guest contributor Elyas Ahmed

9 Jul

Your hijab has more value then every diamond,
Every emerald,
Every bit of gold,
That the queen has in her crown.
So don’t you dare let the words from the ignorant put you down.
Hijab is your crown.
No beauty magazine can make you feel insecure.
Wearing that hijab locks everything,
And nothing is more secure.
Hijab is your crown
It inspires me when others try and make you frown-
Yet you stay patient,
Silent as a dropping feather,
While they’re all over you like bad weather.
Hijab is your crown
Designers aint got nothing on you-
Because for them being modest is the oddest.
However your modesty is flawless.
You make heads turn-
To look the other way.
You leave strangers speechless wondering what went by.
A slave of Allah covered head to toe.
The Noor on you will forever glow.
Hijab is your crown
Everyday the weather seems to change-
Winds change directions,
May blow you off balance and make it hard for you to carry on-
In the worst conditions ever yet the crown don’t seem to move.
You’re like a mountain in disguise-
Firm as you are,
People from a distance will know what you are:
A muslim who’s hijab outshines the stars.
Hijab is your crown
Many get abused for wearing the crown.
Marwa El Sherbiny- she is just one.
She was stabbed in the court room,
Her husband got gunned.
He wasn’t the suspect-
His wife’s honour was disrespected.
An inspiration for today’s sisters who refuse to take it off.
If beauty is what you’re after,
No matter your skin’s colour-
One veil worn by many in all the corners of the world.
You’re more precious than the rarest of pearls.
Give me one good reason why you should frown?
Don’t listen to the whispers.
Just always remember-
Hijab is your crown!
Elyas Ahmed is a 21 year old Londoner who is constantly trying to do whatever he can to please Allah. “Like every Muslim trying to stay steadfast there are always things that come in the way to bring you down and we all need to keep each other in our Dua’s. Also I must make the people I know benefit from me somehow even if it is a small reminder, it may affect the person without them telling me and I will do anything to help to the best of my ability as I hate seeing my dear Muslims down and Allah knows how much pleasure I get knowing I just helped someone. ” You can follow Brother Elyas on twitter @elyas_a 

3 Responses to “Hijab is your crown – by guest contributor Elyas Ahmed”

  1. Rizwana Ullah July 13, 2011 at 7:02 pm #

    Elyas bro going in mashaAllah keep it up! May Allah reward you for all your efforts .. ♥

  2. Nyla Baker August 9, 2011 at 7:54 am #

    I just start to wear my hijab..

    • Me and My Hijab Admin August 15, 2011 at 10:57 am #

      Assalaamu alaikum sister Nyla

      May Allah make it easy for you. Please feel free to email us for support.

      Wassalaamu alaikum

      Me and My Hijaab admin

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